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Something is happening | August 7, 2009

My other post came off rather… bitchy. Oh well. Blogging sucks. As does 5am.

Nothing really to note right now. Trip is planned. Stuff is booked. Passport has been successfully retrieved from Calgary.

Oh. And my ridiculously contrived plan to game while in Japan has moved a step forward. With a ton of luck, I might be paired up with either another gamer, or someone who has an open mind. With ludicrous amount of luck, I might still be able to attend Japan Game Con (Japan’s largest Gaming con) shortly after I land. Cool beans.

Aside from that, now I just play the waiting game until I can find a copy of Hungry Hungry Hippo. I should know some more stuff next week about my Speech Partner and my Family-in-law.


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Scooter is an ESL teacher and Japanese anthropologist. He hopes to document his thoughts of living in Japan, continued cultural studies, and to provide advice for others looking to hop the pond.







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