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The Army Buildeth | August 13, 2009

This is more of a random musing than anything.

So I’m a gamer. Through and through. After I started getting the ball rolling to attend Kansai Gaidai, I started looking into, you guessed it, Japanese Gaming. Now, I’m already a bit familiar with gaming in Japan. Of note is that Games Workshop (a gaming company that I regularily whore myself to) has had an increased presence in Asia.

Anyways, after some thinking, I decided to bring some miniatures with me. I settled on Necrons,  as the army is fairly small, and looks simple (I want to try and keep the language barrier as low as possible). So this is all well and good… except that I am lazy and never assemble my minis. So I was building a few earlier before I got distracted.  I’ll probably assemble another 4 or so tonight, and finish the ones I was working on.

All told though, I have a fair bit assembled. I just need to finish all the minis I  have so I can pack them (still working on that part) and bring them with me when I fly out in 2 weeks.

In unrelated news, I haven’t yet heard anything about my Speech Partner or Japan Game Con. Still seeing how that goes.

One day, I’ll make a normal post. Until then, gaming.


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