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Meeting the locals | August 17, 2009

I really hope 4am blogging doesn;t become a habit…

Anyways, I decided while I couldn’t sleep to start doing random google searches about Japan.  I found a small forum on Japan Guide about the area I’m heading to. Mostly, it was locals looking to meet people (mostly language exchange) and a few people posting wondering why on earth they can;t find a single word on Hirakata City. Anyways, I replies to a few of the classifieds. Here’s hoping that I can strike something off with some of the people, and actually know someone when I get to Japan.

Also (notice I clicked the “Gaming” tag), I seem to have found a few possible outlets for playing Warhammer. I stumbled across a YahooGroup of gamers in Japan. I also found a forum post about a guy who’s getting back into Warhammer and is currently in the same area. Here’s hoping. Maybe I can even find someone who will take me to Japan Game Con 😛

Still no word on my Speech Partner application. I sent the person an e-mail asking if things were ok on their end (the attached application form didn’t work at first). I haven’t heard about my In-Laws either (I’m calling the weekend host family my In-Laws; I have too many dads already). But I’m not expecting to hear about that until after I land.

T-11 days (or something like that).


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