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School Developments | September 16, 2009

So my life here is mental and shiny. Sorry for the lack of posts.

Anyways, I think I have my courses finally figured out. After some switching, struggling, and a little brown nosing, I’m basically in the calsses I want to be in. I’m taking:

  • Japanese (2 classes, 2nd year equivelant, boring as sin);
  • Body and Communication in Japan (where we also learn some Japanese Sign Language);
  • Shinto (where we spent 2 hours talking about phalic symbols and racism).

Things are going well so far. I also seem to have cracked the seal on disabilities accomodations. Its hard to explain, but this could mean a huge jump in accessability to travel abroad for students with learning disabilities.

Also, while I was talking with a friend today, a Japanese student approached us and asked if either of us would be willing to tutor him. So after less than 3 weeks of being here, I have found a job (and a legit one too).

The last crazy thing is that there is a professor from Boston (I think) doing a linguistics experiment here, and is paying students about $60 to partake. I was planning to participate anyways, and extra money is icing on the cake. Word is abuzz here about money and experimentation, so we’ll see how that goes.

Stay tuned for a less boring post about the crazy weekend exploration I did on Saturday, my plans for the 5 days I have off of school  this weekend, and how I’m planning to make an Astro Boy costume for Halloween but don’t want to look like a hooker.


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