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JET Programme: Tokyo Orientation Tips | July 17, 2015

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My Time In Japan

So, Tokyo Orientation. Not long to go now for all you 2015 incoming JETs – 10 days to go if you’re in Group A! If you have ever done an online search you may have come across many posts about orientation, full of useful information. Well, now it’s my turn, and hopefully some of the information I will provide from my own experience last year will help you get an idea as to what to expect when you get here.

Before I continue with this post, I’d like to direct you to one of my first posts on this blogthat I wrote last year about my time at Tokyo Orientation and the ‘smurfs’.

Disclaimer: As always, these posts reflect my own experiences and I provide only the knowledge that I have at hand. Some things may have changed a bit for the 2015 Tokyo Orientation, so don’t take the…

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Scooter is an ESL teacher and Japanese anthropologist. He hopes to document his thoughts of living in Japan, continued cultural studies, and to provide advice for others looking to hop the pond.







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