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Where have you been? | October 2, 2015

I’m sorry *cries*. I haven’t been posting anything because I’ve been pretty busy. We have a nearly week long string of holidays here called Silver Week, which meant that I wasn’t really home much.

But the real reason I haven’t been posting is… well… I’ve been trying to post. I have a number of half-written articles and pending ideas that need to be finished and edited, but something shiny keeps distracting me. As a new or more time sensitive idea comes up, my attention has been getting split.

The wait is worth in though. Here are some of the articles I’m working on or planning:

  • Weird things in Japan
  • What it’s like to teach in Japan
  • Learning disabilities
  • Context for the hated JET phrase, “every situation is different”
  • A topic about learning Japanese
  • Maybe some classroom activities or ideas I’ve been working on

They’ll all have their time to shine. I just need to finish the pending articles and focus my attention.

Thanks for bearing with me.


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Scooter is an ESL teacher and Japanese anthropologist. He hopes to document his thoughts of living in Japan, continued cultural studies, and to provide advice for others looking to hop the pond.







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